Different departments at Bapu Ayurvedic College & Hospital

Samhita & Siddhanta

The department offers the subjects Ashtanga Hdaya, Padartha Vijnana, Ayurveda Ithihasa, Charaka Samhita and Sanskrit. The goal of the department is to provide conceptual knowledge in fundamental principles of Ayurvedic science correlating with modern medical science.

Kriya Sharir

The subject deals with all physiological functions of the human body. This indicates an important step in the practical training of investigations such as that of blood, urine, stool etc. along with assessment of Prakriti, Doshik status etc. The department also encompasses ample inputs from modern neurology, gastro enterology, respiratory physiology, the cardiovascular system, genitourinary system and endocrine system so that a global outlook regarding the science of physiology is received by the students.

Agad Tantra

The department is aimed at providing knowledge on various toxic materials that come across us in our day to day life in the form of food materials, plants and other chemicals. Knowledge on forensic medicine and medico legal aspects are also dealt with in detail. Training of students through observing court orders, postmortem etc are also an integral part of the department.

Rachna Sharir

The department offers the subject Rachana Shareera. The subject deals with Anatomy of the human body including histology, osteology etc. This subject is an exploration of what is mentioned about human anatomy in classical Ayuvedic texts such as Susruta Samhita. Practical training in dissection of cadavers is also given to students of BAMCH.


The department helps the students study the identification, habitat, properties and uses of various medicinal plants. Herbarium sheets are prepared and preserved by students. A digital library about medicinal plants is available.


The department provides training both in theory and practicals to provide an Ayurvedic graduate with knowledge in preparing various Ayurvedic formulations in the form of tablets, Kashayams, Asavas, Arishta, Ghrtas etc. This also imparts knowledge about minerals and metals that can be used as medicines and the safe methods of its preparation and use. The training is designed to impart knowledge on standardization of Ayurvedic drugs, their chemical analysis, good manufacturing practices etc.

Stri Prasuti

This department offers treatment for women with menstrual disorder, diseases of female genital tract and venereal diseases, with a special regimen for pregnant women in order to ensure the birth healthy child. We have also been effectively managing and treating women's health problems like polycystic ovarian dieases, menstrual disorder fibroid uterus and infertility problems. Treatment methodologies like cauterization, Ultravasti etc., are being offered by this department. Treatment modalities which provides care of the birth of the child, neonatal care and post natal care of the mother are also available well-equipped labor room and gynecalogical operation theatre are available to facilitate normal and abnormal delivery and other conditions of maternity.

Shalakya Tantra

This department treats patients in the areas of ENT, opthalmology and dentistry. The department offers dentistry. The department offers complete diagnosis and traditional Ayurvedic treatment for all head and neck related diseases with support of the all finest sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Exclusive and effective Ayurvedic treatment is being provided for the management of certain eye diseases and condition such as sinusitis and migraine. Procedure like Netra Tarpanam have proved to be effective in preventing cataracts and are useful in dry eye syndrome, chronic, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer and glaucoma. The Netra Vasti procedure helps to strengthen the nerves and muscles of the eyes.

Shalya Tantra

This department treats patients through Ayurvedic surgery for procedures such as the application of medicated thread(Ksharasulra)for management of haemorrhoids and fistula, application of leeches, fractured bones setting, as well as management of cuts and wound. Comprehensive surgical care if offered using traditional techniques for faster healing. The department offers a radical cure to the patients through Ayurvedic surgery for anorectal diseases such as piles,fistula, fissure, etc. by application of a medicated thread (ksharasutra) The department effectively treats bone fracture post fracture rehabilitation, chronic non-healing ulcers,etc.


The department offers Ayurvedic treatment from the neonatel stage onwards. Disease like erydipelas and epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and autism have been effectively treated. Paediatric Ayurveda treatment has been found to be very effective in maintaining and improving children's immunity levels, resulting in the prevention of diseases. The dapartment offers treatment for a wide rag of paediatric diseases from allergic disorder like childhood asthma, various skin disease developmental and behavioral disorder like cerebral palsy, convulsive disorders, autism and musculo skeletal designed for children are offered for various diseases.


The department offers treatment and primary care in the area of General Medicine in Ayurveda, which forms the basic for all other branches of Ayurvedic treatment. This department is staff and trained nurses who provide support to seriously ill patients. This department is able to effectively treat and manage patient with diseases like bronchial asthma, backache, bronchitis, common cold, constipation, depressive disorder, dia-betes, rheumatism, skin diseases, flatulance, sinusilis, and various other ailments.


This department imparts training in the principles and practice of socials and preventive Medicine at both the personnal and communal levels. Promotions of positive health is dealt with from the Ayurvedic viewpoint. Naturopathy and Yoga also comes under the purview of this department. Socials and Preventive Medicine in Ayurveda deals with elaborate guideline and regimens for maintaining and promoting health of the individuals and the communnity as a whole. Regulations of the life style, diet and behaviour on the basic of diurnal, seasonal and geographical variations, as well as the constitution of the individuals, in an important component of preventive medicine in Ayurveda. Ayurdedic dietetics is a discipline in itself. Measure for periodical purification and rejuvenation health of the person. Swasthavritta also deals with managementof communicable diseases. This department gives comprehensive training in preventive aspects of health care integrating modern concept with principles of Ayurveda as well as yoga and naturopathy.